Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Should I Run Again?

For a few months now, I've been asked in various ways whether I am going to run for reelection.

Serving the community on the Council has been very rewarding. I feel that I've been able to make a positive difference. I don't have any serious regrets about things I've done. I am comfortable with the effort I put in to move things forward and the care with which I have cast my votes. My regrets are reserved for the things that were left undone, the ideas and requests that I didn't get to.

I am at peace with my overall effort. I am giving as much of my time, energy, effort, and thought as I can while trying to balance the other aspects of my life. If more should be required of our City Councilors, then the office will likely become the domain of retirees and the independently wealthy.

My family, particularly my wife, has sacrificed the most to enable my service on the Council. I need to have their blessing before I commit to run again. We've set a deadline of April 10th to make the decision. I figure that Conference, Spring Break, and the run up to Easter will provide my family a good opportunity for some soul-searching.

Whether I run again or not, I hope that the voters in District 5 will have multiple good candidates from which to choose. I welcome challengers who care about our community and feel that they can help direct our city into the future and represent our residents.

If I choose to run again, I will also welcome the active support of people who feel that I have done a good job and would like to see me serve another term. I have never tried to campaign while serving in office, but it doesn't sound pleasant. I would need a lot of support. And yes, I'm talking to all those who are pushing me to run, please consider if you are willing to help with a campaign. ;) 


  1. I would appreciate you continuing to represent me and my neighbors. While I can't provide much help, you are welcome to put a sign in my yard.

    1. I'd be honored to have you host a sign. Not everyone follows local politics closely, so the opinions of those who do have a real impact on the opinions of others. Please email me at DaveOfProvo@gmail.com so I can get your details.