Who Supports Him? (2015)

“I have worked with David in various ways for years as we have tried to build Provo at every touch point. I have watched David and his family step up to help Provo through our schools, through various city issues, and more recently very actively as the chair of our Dixon Neighborhood. David has worked incessantly to give a voice to our neighborhoods as Provo moves rapidly forward. He sees the vision, he advocates for it, and he fights for it where necessary.

“I would be so pleased for David to be my representative on the council. He is not a person that is automatically swayed by a particular group or position. He is meticulous as he reviews issues, and he stands as a strong voice of reason even when emotions get high. Because of David’s years of work to engage on the most important issues facing our neighborhood and city, I feel that David could hit the ground running and help to “get it right” on the myriad of important choices facing our city right now.”
Robert Jaramillo, District 5
"I support David Harding for Provo City Council in District 5.

"Our district is in the heart of Provo. We feel the pressure of development and change, for good and bad, and it is imperative that we have a representative who can balance the demands of progress with the foresight to preserve what is best in these family friendly pioneer neighborhoods.

"Based on his excellent work with TMAC, especially during BRT route considerations, and his work as the Dixon Neighborhood Chair, I am confident that David Harding is an exceptional candidate for office. Dave has demonstrated an ability to think clearly and practically, an ability to balance the immediate demands of the present with the prudence of long term planning, and the dependability and work ethic we need from our public representatives. He has actively engaged with the current city council, and is well informed about the many challenges and opportunities our city is facing."
Rachel Whipple, District 5
"I have known, observed and worked with Dave for over two years. I have observed him as a fellow Neighborhood Chair, as a member of the Provo City Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee (TMAC) with me, and most importantly at many meetings, conferences, activities, workshops and informal gatherings where Provo City activities and plans were discussed. The key point being that Dave Harding is actively engaged in Provo. He has a demanding career, a young family and many other interests, yet he consistently prioritizes his time to allow him to contribute to civic interests. I have seen no evidence that he is motivated by personal agenda or fame, but rather he does what he does with sincere interest in helping to maintain Provo as a premier place to live for his family, neighborhood and the whole community.

"As Dixon Neighborhood Chair, Dave sets the standard for the program. He works communication channels, neighborhood projects and community building activities as effectively as I have seen in the neighborhood program. His neighbors are very well represented. In TMAC Dave is always well prepared. He not only studies the specific agenda topic, but considers other options and thinks outside the dots. He is very articulate, and clearly explains his perspective/understanding of issues. My personal perspective does not always align with his, but after a discussion with Dave there is often a compromise position that is better than either original perspective. He looks for the best answer, without just trying to sell his idea first. He is a team player and will compromise when appropriate.

"Dave will be an excellent member of the Provo City Council."
Ben Markham, Provo
"In my almost 20 years of involvement with Provo City politics, I have learned that personality is as important as policy. Successful Council members must have not only correct intentions -- to serve -- but also the temperament to work with the diverse people they serve. Dave has all the qualifications for the job: the ability to listen, learn, and an unwavering commitment to the people. I endorse him whole-heartedly."
Melanie McCoard, Provo
"David Harding is intelligent and careful, and he has a good heart. In my experience with him, what I appreciate most is that he listens. Council members have to make hard decisions; I believe David will be able to make those decisions based upon the right priorities of principle and service."
Diane B. Christensen, Provo
"Yo apoyo a David Harding como candidato para consejero del Sector 5 de la ciudad de Provo. Yo lo conozco cómo una buena persona que siempre busca la forma de ayudar a las personas y a la comunidad. El representa la comunidad de Dixon y a mostrado interés en la comunidad Latina. El entiende que existe el problema del lenguaje porque el solo habla Inglés. Pero está dispuesto a asistir a reuniones con toda la comunidad Latina que lo invite, a convivir y darse a conocer. No dudo que tal vez hasta aprenda algunas palabras en nuestro idioma. El está dispuesto a escuchar las inquietudes y sugerencias de la comunidad Latina de Provo y así encontrar la mejor manera de representarnos."
Antonio Fregoso, District 5
"I look forward to working with Dave Harding. He will make an outstanding council member.

"Dave has many years of service to his neighborhood and comes to the council with a track record of hard work, open mindedness and the ability to find solutions to difficult problems."
John Curtis, Provo
"Dave Harding has excelled in his work as a neighborhood Chair and as a member of the city’s Transportation and Mobility Advisory (TMAC) committee. I find him to be thoughtful and creative in his approach to solving problems. He is the type of person that when faced with a debate over option A and option B will explore whether there is an option C that is better than both. He is also respectful in his dialogue with others, fair minded, and willing to listen to all sides of an argument. Dave is a good communicator with excellent analytical skills - equally at home with both numbers and words. I look forward to working with him as a member of our City Council."
Dave Sewell, Provo
"David Harding will be a great addition to the council. He is creative and thoughtful when it comes to finding solutions to complex problems. I have found him to be a good listener and slow to jump to conclusions. His ability to reason through difficult topics is so appreciated. I look forward to working with him."
Kim Santiago, Provo
"As I have worked with Dave on several committees and discussed many important issues affecting our city. I have always felt that he has always had the best interest of Provo in mind. He is very sincere and willing to accept other's opinion and respect all that he is working with. He understands what is important with regard to growth while valuing and working to preserve our critical Neighborhoods. I have attended several neighborhood meetings he has conducted and have always been impressed with his interest and concern for individuals and issues in his neighborhood. He understands the importance of integrating community and business to make the most of what we have. Dave has always been well informed and articulate as he has discussed critical issues. I feel that because of his hard work and vision, he will be able to contribute to the Municipal Council and Provo City immediately. His learning curve will be much smaller than most as he begins serving. I look forward, should we both be elected this November, to serving with David."
Gary Winterton, Provo
"We have never met a man more selflessly dedicated to serving his community than Dave Harding. He has worked hard not only to improve our community, but to improve our sense of community, successfully encouraging his neighbors to work together and make Dixon Neighborhood a better place to live. We are certain he will bring this same level of dedication and determination to the Provo City Council, and that is why we are voting for Dave Harding."
Jacob & Cori Robertson, District 5
"When it comes to the betterment of our community, David is one of the most passionate individuals I have met. Not only has he worked towards his own goals to improve Provo but has supported me in my own efforts. He has cared more for the success of Provo than his own. Throughout all of this, he has been thoughtful and open to the different opinions and desires within our community. This is not a compliment that I give lightly." Christopher Jay Wiltsie, District 5
"I am voting for David Harding for Provo City Council in the upcoming election. In his various positions of service to Provo City, he has shown his ability to think outside the box to come up with creative solutions to complex problems.

"He is willing to tackle tough issues, and is willing to work toward a consensus to get things done. He works tirelessly for not only his neighborhood, as neighborhood chair, but for all of Provo and cares about the issues that Provo faces now and in the future." Erik Watkins, District 5
"I have worked with David Harding on the Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee for the past two years. I have come to admire his calm demeanor and sound ability to reason and explore solutions with others. He is well-informed and a solid researcher. I've appreciated his statesmanlike manner and respectful demeanor particularly when the committee members have held differing opinions. We are able to thoughtfully and thoroughly discuss issues and better recommendations have been the result.

"David is one of the city's most involved citizens. He leads by example and inclusion. I encourage you to get to know Dave better and consider him as a strong candidate for representing the varied interests of the Central District." Sherrie Hall Everett, Provo
"I look forward to David serving on the council. He will be an outstanding representative of his district and the interests of all Provo residents." Aaron Skabelund, Provo
"I am proud to endorse David Harding for the District 5 Council seat. David is a good thinker and someone who is willing to listen to an opposing viewpoint with an open mind. You can trust David to be thoughtful and concerned about what is best for Provo generally and District 5 specifically. David and I have not always agreed on every issue, but he has always been genuine and easy to engage in constructive dialog. I have also known David to practice what he preaches. He cares about the environment so he rides his bike frequently and when it was available to him, he made the switch to clean energy. He manages to do this without acting superior to those who have made different decisions. David is a great example of what it means to be an engaged citizen and he has my full support." Christian Faulconer, Provo
"My husband and I live in Dixon Neighborhood in Provo’s downtown area. We love it. We have lived here for 35 years…..and seen a great many changes. We are glad to support Dave Harding as our City Council representative. We have worked with him in our neighborhood, in church activities, and as a friend. He and his family are great “givers” and they love living here in Provo.

"Dave has served as our Dixon Neighborhood Chair for several years. We appreciate his innovative, and hard-working efforts in our behalf. For this he will be missed by so many….and now our larger community—the downtown area will benefit as he reasons issues, and uses his encouraging, forward-thinking, and rational voice to build healthy, strong, and vibrant neighborhoods in the downtown area of Provo." Pamela Boshard, District 5
"I support Dave Harding for District 5. In my experience, Dave has always gone the extra mile in being involved, taking the time to hear people out, and working to deeply understand the issues. Over the years, I've noticed that neighbors in our district see Dave as a natural leader. He doesn't always weigh in on every topic, but when he does people listen because they know that he has carefully considered all sides.

"One of Dave's biggest strengths seems to be his ability to work well with just about anyone to get things done. I have always felt that Dave has been willing to listen and work respectfully with both those that agree and those that disagree with him. Ultimately, I believe he has always made decisions with our district and city at heart. If you ask around, I think you'll find that he's well-respected and liked by people on all sides of the political spectrum...which is quite an accomplishment, especially in small political circles and the city at large." Jamie Littlefield, District 5
"I endorse Dave Harding for the District 5 City Council seat. Dave has earned the trust of those he's served. When I’ve spoken with people in our downtown, I often hear: "I support what Dave supports; he works harder than anyone I've ever seen." He does work hard. I have seen him attend countless public meetings, walk his entire neighborhood as a neighborhood chair dozens of times, and advocate tirelessly for the central district in his roles as member on civic boards like our TMAC.

"Dave can hit the ground running and is well versed on city issues, especially those that are important to downtown residents. Considering Dave's proven track record of being able to effectively work with others, I am confident he will do an excellent job representing District 5." Sterling Beck, District 5
"I am thrilled that David Harding is running for the 5th District Council spot in Provo. I have worked with him on several common goals over the years and I have found him to be a well informed and thoughtful citizen. One of my favorite things is that he has attended School Board Meetings, City Council Meetings, Work Sessions and he has served on citizen committees like the Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee and he has served with organizations that work for the strengthening of Provo Neighborhoods. He has been an active Neighborhood Chair that sought training in ways that he could help his neighborhood, our schools, our health and the sustainability of Provo's quality of life. And he put that training to use painting homes, cleaning up, organizing work and asking people what they think would help and then helping them do it. David Harding already knows how to get things accomplished, and he understands what a Council Member really does because he has been there working for all of Provo as an active citizen for years." Celeste Kennard, District 5
"David Harding invests in Provo. When people speak of him, their language always extols his dedicated service. Harding is a person of true integrity, and approaches his positions thoroughly and methodically. He comes with an enormous knowledge of Provo and its needs. David Harding devotes impressive quantities of time to real service that improves the quality of life for others: as the Dixon Neighborhood Chair, as a vital member of TMAC (Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee), even with the little things like staying late into the night to place his local elementary school’s holiday art in downtown Provo’s store windows. David Harding is a stellar person with a big heart dedicated to Provo. There is no one more qualified and ready for Provo’s City Council." Susan Krueger-Barber, District 5
"I have known Dave through his involvement on many different issues related to Provo. In each of those interactions, I have been glad to have Dave on my side as an articulate voice of reason, or I have found that Dave is one of the most reasonable people on the other side of the issue. He seems always willing to engage, to listen, and to reconsider. He is exactly the kind of person we need on the City Council." Brigham Daniels, Provo

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