Contributions to Neighbors to Elect David Harding will allow us to reach out to District 5 residents. This will allow Dave to better understand the people and concerns of District 5 so that he can better represent them on the Council. This will also help them understand the principles, vision, and leadership of David Harding and how he will represent District 5 on the Provo City Council.

All contributions above $50 must be disclosed on Campaign Finance Statements which are filed with the City Recorders office and are made available for public review. Names and city of residence are a part of the disclosure. For contributions of $50 and below, reporting this information is not mandatory, but in the interest of transparency we urge you to allow this information to be reported. If you contribute $50 or less, you may request that you remain anonymous.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Dave at 801.310.9970 or

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